May Updates (Pic Heavy)

Before I disappeared for a while I was actively participating in the LFL Protective Style Challenge. Around the beginning of February I was growing tired of wearing a wig and wanted to free my scalp and hair. So I ditched the wig, which of course meant dropping out of the challenge, and decided to straighten my hair once a week since it was still cold out. My sister introduced me to a new product: Organix Brazilian Keratin Masque.


These were my results:


After Blow Drying


After Flat Ironing


Length After Trim

My hair felt/looked great and thus my addiction with my new 100% ceramic flat iron began. Call me crazy but remember my little breakage problem I was crying about before? Well after a couple uses I felt that the masque helped a little, especially after sealing my hair with heat. The funny thing is after wearing my hair like this for a while I was asked several times if it was all mine or if I was wearing a wig. I guess no one noticed that I had been wearing one for almost 3 months before. And here I was worrying that the hair was too straight and that people would figure it out. 😊

Then boredom crept in and I wanted to do something different. I became enchanted with the idea of coloring my hair jet black and cutting bangs but I was afraid (1) that I would screw it up and (2) did I really want to chop my hair? … I bit the bullet and did it anyway! Using the Jet Black Hair Coloring Kit I ordered from I dyed my hair, blow dried & flat ironed and grabbed my scissors:


When I looked in the sink I went into shock. I literally stood in the mirror for 5 long minutes fingering through my freshly cut bangs saying “OMG, OMG what did I just do!!” But after bumping it with a flat iron I loved the results:


At Work the Next Day

Overall I have to say that even though I didn’t see the challenge through to the end I am happy with the results I did get in that short period of time. In fact, I’m considering wearing a wig again for a few months. Oh, and that keratin masque is definitely a keeper!


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