Wash Day

I took my hair down Friday night after two weeks in cornrows. I loved the definition from my accidental braid out and decided to rock a textured bun while running errands Saturday.

My hair feels wonderful 😍! Slightly greasy from the oil but sooo soft nevertheless.

My messy “house” bun right before prepooing:


The process:

(1) I rinsed with lukewarm water and applied a mixture of Novex conditioner & EVCO as my prepoo, covered with a plastic cap & my turbie twist.

(2) A couple of chores and one movie later I finally rinsed and washed my hair using Ion Hard Water Clarifying Shampoo. Using an applicator bottle, I mixed it with water and concentrated on cleansing my scalp.

(3) Then it was time to break out my new mini dryer (from my Herstyler Ceramic Trio set). I used Tresemme Naturals conditioner as my leave in along with Organix Anti Breakage serum before using the tension method to dry/stretch my hair. I have to say for a small dryer that thing packs quite a punch. I don’t like that it doesn’t have any heat settings, just a high and low setting. It got pretty darn hot … I doubt I will be using it much because of this.

(4) I sectioned the hair to be left out and blended with my wig, pulled back the rest and applied Sally’s Silk Remedy (Chi Silk Infusion knock off) before preparing to flat iron.

This was my first time using this straightener and I loved my results!


Close Up


I used my Denman Straightening Brush (pictured below) to keep my hair taut as I followed it with my new Herstyler Ceramic Straightener. In one pass the results were better than I expected. There is a knob to adjust the heat setting, which goes up to 475 degrees. I turned the knob a little less than half way so I’m guessing I was close to 240 degrees give or take. Next time I’ll try a lower setting, I don’t know why I assumed it wouldn’t get very hot. To be honest it does look a little cheap – imperfections in the paint(?) and over all construction, and is lighter than I expected. I’m still amazed at this thing because I’ve never had such sleek results from just one pass of a flat iron.


(5) Once the section of hair was straightened I clipped it out of the way and cornrowed the rest of my hair, sealing the ends with shea butter and EVCO.

I’m definitely seeing a difference in the overall thickness of my hair. I’m try to avoid doing length checks every time I wash it so the jury is till out on that one 😋


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