In Case You Haven’t Heard

πŸŽ‰ I am transitioning back to natural! πŸŽ‰

Over the past week or so I’ve been making small changes to my page: updating my hair stats, and correcting my “touch-up” calendar to reflect my new decision to go back to being natural. Well now I am officially announcing it and I’m very excited! It’s true what they say, you don’t know what you got till it’s gone and that’s exactly how I feel about my natural curls. While my hair is only texlaxed and I still have quite a bit of texture left, they just aren’t the same. I hate how much extra effort I have to put in to keep my hair moisturized. I wont start a debate as to which is better: natural, texlaxed or relaxed, I don’t discriminate here. I think it is important for every woman to educate herself and do what she feels is best for her, but there are definitely things I miss about being natural and that’s why I’m going back.


Definitely feeling myself today!

It’s been nearly 10 years since I first I transitioned. I only lasted 5 months before chopping off all my hair into a TWA. I was so anxious to see my curls I didn’t care too much about losing length, I knew it would grow and and sure enough it did. This time though I will be handling things differently and committing to a long-term transition.

These pics were taken today, clearly I was feeling myself so much I had to do an impromptu photo op on the restroom at work πŸ˜„

20130604-173905.jpgMy regimen as of late has been very simple. If I’m not hiding under a wig I doing a wash & go. Since my natural days I have been following the tightly curly method for creating controlled curls through the use of conditioner. These days I’m trying to use up products that have been laying around in my closet so I decided to go back to Mixed Silk – Sally’s Mixed Chicks knockoff. My issue with this product is that it doesn’t play nice with other products and tends to make my hair feel dry instantly upon contact. So I began using a light layer of conditioner underneath a a base and a small amount of Mixed Silk, basically only enough for light curl control. If I use too much of either product I end up with flakes 😣

I plan to keep things simple, my busy schedule wont really allow me to do otherwise. Stay Tuned!



πŸ’­I love my black hair color but lately I’ve been feeling that it looks dry & dull when curly? What’s up with that? When I was natural shine was never an issue.


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