New Wig Purchase

I’ve purchased yet another wig. I think I have 5 or 6 in my closet at this point. Now the newest gal on the block is Jane:



Made by Sensationnel, she’s a synthetic lace front which I purchased in a 1: Jet Black.

I loved the length, it’s actually the length I’m hoping to achieve in the near future. But I like to keep my wigs as natural looking as possible, so I cut the length in the back to mimic my own hair. Only my bangs are out, the rest of my hair is tucked away underneath.

Jane is what I’ll be rocking for the next 3 months. I know some of you may be thinking I’m crazy & that I’ll be sweating like crazy with this thing but my job is freezing they go overboard with the a/c so it’ll be alright. Plus I will most likely alternate with wearing my hair wet & curly as well.







💭My Thoughts💭

The hair is very soft and thinner than most of my wigs but still full enough to make people wonder. The shedding isn’t really an issue for me, I expect this with all my wigs but I can see how some may be annoyed by it. The cap is adjustable and fits my head rather snug which is highly unusual for me since I always thought I had a big head. None of my wigs fit as well as this one. It fits so well in fact, that the combs on the side are not needed. I plan on cutting them so they don’t snag my hair and using bobby pins instead. Although these aren’t needed either but it’ll make me feel better lol. Overall I’m satisfied with my purchase and if necessary I may order it again.


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