Mama’s got a brand new bag …

Well not literally… I’ve got brand new hair toys & I’ve gone darker …


At the end of Jan I decided to use a permanent dye to color my hair a rich dark brown. I wanted to try the foam formula because I didn’t want to deal with the mess and dye dripping everywhere.


Well…maybe it’s because I’m not used to chemical dyes since I’ve been using henna for so long but it smelled so bad I had to hold my breath during application, taking huge breaths while facing the window when I ran out of air. I’ll stick to my plants from now on. In fact I plan to go darker – jet black using indigo at some point in the future.

The henna was making it difficult to find wigs that matched my hair, although after this challenge I may leave wigs alone for a while. I miss my hair …

Now for my new toys:

Last month I purchased the Split Ender. 20130217-123628.jpg

I had one before but I honestly think it was a knock off. I tested it out on the exposed hair I leave out for my wig. You can see the amount of hair cut in the pic to the right. I remember watching a youtube vid where the person cautioned against using it too much on a particular section of hair and against holding it at an angle because even though the product promised to leave the length of the hair intact, doing either of these things will do more than just trim the ends but actually cut some of the length.
My hair was very oily that day and so the pieces of hair are clumped together (this also made cleaning the SE a pain in the neck), but I don’t think it cut too much.

I was pleased with the results my hair looked like I ran a flat iron through it and felt so soft (sorry no pic). Guess those ends were pretty bad then?? **shrugs**

What I love most is that I can tackle the different lengths of my hair and know that it does a good job getting about 85-90% of my ends. I had quite a few spilt ends in this area, which I believe is primarily from my flat iron.

Which brings me to my next toy or set of toys rather:

I snagged a HUGE deal on Groupon for a Ceramic Trio from Herstyler. Now I’ve never heard of this brand but what caught my attention was the 100% ceramic (not coated)flat iron which normally runs at $200. Well the entire set included the flat iron, tourmaline-infused mini dryer, and curling wand for around $60.


I have been researching flat irons for quite some time now and I found the information on Misikko very interesting:

The benefits of pure ceramic are real: expect far more even & diffuse heating, smooth handling, and no fear of ceramic peeling or chipping away over a lifetime of use…If you can afford it, pure ceramic irons are of exceptional quality and receive excellent ratings from stylists and consumers.

High quality ceramic flat irons are best for every hair type because they provide silky, straight results every time without damaging your hair the way cheaper irons will.

I currently own a Maxi Glide with ceramic coated plates that are now chipping. I didn’t realize until now that this could be giving me spilt ends despite my frequent trims to this area. No wonder the darn things keep coming back!

Now that I have this set I don’t plan on going crazy with the heat but I would like quality tools for the times I do opt for it. And as long as I’m wearing 3/4 wig I will need an iron that is not chipping. I plan to test out my iron today after deep conditioning…stay tuned.

📌Read up on Flat Iron Quality here:

Why Quality Flat Irons Make all the Difference

The Truth About Flat Irons


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