Wash Day w/ Aphogee 2 Step Treatment

Today was wash day.

After heading to the store to pick up a jar of EVCO I was ready to roll …πŸ˜‹

(1) I started out with a mix of Neutrogena Triple Moisture Daily Deep Conditioner ( I really thought it was a moisturizing leave-in, something I am desperately in need of) and EVO as a prepoo treatment. I sat under the dryer for a little bit (not sure how long because I ended up falling asleep). When I came to I rinsed and I was in love 😍. My hair was so soft and fluffy it felt great, tangles – if there were any – literally rinsed away.


Freshly washed, product free hair

(2) Then I clarified I with my Ion Hard Water shampoo to clarify. I’ve never experienced dryness with this shampoo when using it straight but lately I’ve been diluting it with water in an applicator bottle anyway.

(3) Once my hair and scalp were clean it was time for Aphogee Two-Step Protein Treatment:

I made 4 sections and applied the Aphogee to each, little by little. I’ve read complaints but the application process really isn’t messy for me. A few drips here and there but when you pour it in small amounts the product is easy to control, at least I find so. Of course it was also during this process that I discovered I had a small cut on one finger and it burned like hell 😱.

Because my hair was already detangled, combing the product through my hair was relatively easy but I still recommend going slow and taking your time as it doesn’t have any ‘slip’ like conditioner would even though it’s a liquid. Then I loosely twisted each section and secured with duck bill clips.

Here is a pic of my hair after it dried with the treatment in:

I know some of you may be wondering: if the product has hardened in my hair, wont the clips cause breakage? If I attempted to remove them as is – absolutely. But I stick my he’s under running water with the clips in until my hair is pliable and soft enough to remove them without any problems.

(4) I used the aphogee moisture balancing conditioner after only because its ph balanced, but honestly I’m not a fan, then followed up with another moisturizing dc. Then I rinsed, sealed with evco & shea butter then braided my hair up for the coming week.

My hair felt strong & soft but I still saw a few small pieces in the sink as I braided my hair…πŸ˜‘

The toughest part of this challenge is missing my hair. Recently I’ve been fighting whether or not to take a pass and wear it out but so far I have been able to fight it lol.


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