Assessing Breakage

Okay so I am a horrible blogger! I started this post 3 weeks ago and only typed one line lol. In my defense I was really busy with work and school. A girl has to get her edumacation & money right? Lol ok so back to the post…

Following my intense protein treatment with aphogee I began to do a little more research on breakage. I notices some hairs were still breaking while I braided which made me think that (a) My hair is more damaged than I realized or (b) My hair is lacking something but it sure isn’t protein. I’m leaning more towards (b). For the simple fact that after one week of baggying and moisturizing and sealing with non-protein laden products I noticed a difference in the way my hair felt and how much hair ended up in my hands, on the sink, etc.

Then I discovered this article from Sisters of Faith, which talks about protein/moisture balance and also read this post by Jeni from JustGrowAlready which not only talks about sealing in your moisturizers but also demonstrates what happens when you chose not to. None of this was profound news to me, most of it I was already familiar with (although the experiment was pretty neat), but after reading I realized something that I always failed to do. Well 2 things actually: I never actually did a full assessment of my breakage, and that I’m very lazy when it comes to sealing in my moisturizers – but that comes later. Since I never pinpointed the “actual” problem how can I start taking steps to correct it?

How many of you have just started following the advice of others because they mentioned similar problems with their hair or automatically assumed you knew what was wrong with your hair without actually paying attention to the products you were using or the hair practices you were following? Then we wonder why the problem hasn’t been fixed.

To correct damage it is important to understand the type of damage and it’s source.

For me I believe I am suffering from protein overload and possibly overprocessing. Most of the products I’ve been using for the past couple months all contain some type of protein. I have since laid them to rest for a little while and have been going hard with the moisturizing treatments and hoping that by allowing my hair to rest under my wig it will bounce back.

I stopped my laziness and now I make sure I moisturize and seal at least 3x a week: spraying my hair with, applying a small amount of moisturizing conditioner and sealing with EVCO. Having my hair braided helps keep my hair moisturized longer than if it were wrapped or free flowing – I love that!

I will keep you posted with how my hair responds when I take it down for wash day. Until next time…


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