Wig Care & Maintenance

While I was sitting at work I noticed the ends of my wig near my nape looked like they needed a trim. It wasn’t major but reminded me of how my dolls hair used to look when I forgot to brush the hair a couple times – all bent and wiry looking.

I have to admit I was a little disappointed but I can’t get mad at anyone but myself. When I first bought the wig about a month ago I was super excited and tried it on immediately. And after playing with it I laid it down on the dresser and left it there. When I wore it under my hats I would sometimes take them both off together and throw it down somewhere. Bad I know. And this isn’t my first wig so it’s not like I don’t know any better.

I realized that in order to keep my wig looking fresh I need to care for it like I would my own hair. This means using the proper care products and ensuring gentle treatment of the hair.

I stopped by my local BSS and picked up Weave Care by Soft Sheen Carson. It seemed to be the “best” brand on the shelves I was skeptical of the lesser known brands. The products are for human and synthetic weaves, wigs, hairpieces and claim to provide 3 levels of care:


🔹The scalp – relieves dryness and tightness with nourishing and soothing aloe and coconut oil

🔹Natural hair – helps prevent breakage and split ends with strengthening and reparative
panthenol while the natural hair is at rest

🔹Weaves/extensions – helps prevent tangles, matting and product build-up

I washed my wig with it for the first time last night. Following the instructions that came with the packaging, I did not submerge the wig in water but instead sprayed it using a spray bottle and then applying shampoo focusing mainly on the area that lay close to my scalp. I held the unit upright during the entire process allowing the water and shampoo to run down the length of the hair. This helps prevent tangling. Then I laid the wig flat on a towel, squeezed the excess water, and placed it on a mannequin head to dry.

I didn’t buy the conditioner because I felt it would be a pain to rinse out. Instead I used the detangler as a leave-in and allowed the unit to air dry a little. While it was damp I took my flat iron and on the lowest setting quickly ran over the frizzy ends in 1 or 2 passes. Keep in mind my wig is synthetic but according to the packaging, a flat iron may be used up to 400 degrees on it. This is because if the special fiber that the wig is made of … Futura I believe it is. I would never attempt going to 400 but found the lowest setting enough to make the unit look like new.

The hair is now as soft as it was when I first purchased it and looks great. And it smells really good too, like a light citrus scent. I don’t if it was the product or the flat iron but something made it look a bit shiny afterwards 😕, gonna have to fix that somehow. I’m excited that I can extend the life of my wig – maybe it will last 4 months after all. But I will make sure to take care of it so I wont have to go through this process often.


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