Protective Challenge Starting Pics

Of course I remember after I braid my hair that I was supposed to be taking pictures of my starting length 😑. I did an extensive trim trying to remove most if not all split ends and knots.

Length of my cornrows I finished this morning:

Photo on 1-7-13 at 1.31 PM #3

Pics I took about 2 months ago, my hair is still round about the same length give maybe an inch or so in the back:

20130115-232111.jpg  20130115-232139.jpg  20130115-232151.jpg

📝Side Note:

I’m taking this length retention thing seriously. I’ve decided that if I am going to reach my goals I need the proper tools to get me there. So … I made a list!

Future Investments:

Hair Steamer: My hair needs moisture and it seems like this is a hard thing for me to hold onto these days

Split Ender: I want an easy effective way to keep my ends in top condition without sacrificing length

Babyliss Nano Titanium Flat Iron: If I’m going to use heat I’d rather one that wasn’t cheap and damage my ends further

I’m also looking to really hone in on the products my hair needs. I hate being a product junkie, makes things so complicated lol. So during this challenge I will also be on the prowl for reducing my stash to what’s necessary. Also because of the challenge, my next touch-up date which was originally scheduled for March 30th, will be pushed back until the end of the challenge.


2 responses to “Protective Challenge Starting Pics

  1. Your hair is beautifully thick and I SO need to replace my steamer!!!! It’s a must have for the winter months especially. Thanks for joining the challenge and I’m now following you!

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