Protective Styling Challenge?

I don’t know what it is about challenges but every time I commit to one I’m all gun-ho in the beginning, excited to post updates and then a little ways down the road I just fall off. And it’s not even gradual I just fall off the wagon completely, get run over by it, then end up kicking myself because I then realize all the wonderful progress I could have made.

On the other hand when I don’t announce my hair plans and just do my thing, everything works out fine. What’s up with that? 😶Lol.

I’ve been eyeballing the L4L protective styling challenge for quite sometime now. And since I’m already determined to reach BSL early this year by wearing wigs for a while I think I will join “unofficially” 😉. Besides I think I violate some of the challenge rules because a small section of my hair is exposed. Which doesn’t matter really since I’m doing this mainly for length & not the prizes.

Still I will take my starting pics this weekend when I wash my hair to monitor my progress over the next few months.

If you want to learn more about the challenge click on the button below:


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