Operation: BSL

I see no reason why I can’t reach BSL by the end of January/start of February…that is if my hair wasn’t breaking so much 😠


Broken hairs in the sink after last weeks roller set

I recently purchased Shea Moisture Anti Breakage Masque hoping this will help remedy the situation. I’ve only used it once as a pre-poo treatment. To be honest I can’t say whether or not it made a difference. It might have but I also deep conditioned with my Biotera Deep Moisturizing Conditioner (which is light protein as well) and my Biotera leave-in Triple Action Treatment.


As you can see my ends look like they took a beating last week. My hair looked and felt yuck. I must hide my ends until further notice.

Since it was a short work week I washed my hair Thursday night and did an overnight (& a day 😊) DC.I didn’t see a lot of hair in the sink when I detangled and rinsed but nevertheless there was still a couple strands there, so I think slowly but surely things are beginning to turn around. I’m going to gear up for L4L 2013 Hair Challenges. The first one being a protective styling challenge beginning January 7th. I’m not really in it for the prizes I just want to reach my goals.

To help retain length I will continue roller setting until I get my wigs. I will be purchasing a new lace front and 3/4 wig very soon:


Lace front Wig Grace


3/4 Invisible part wig: Yulena

Check out my wig regimen to see how I plan to maintain my hair while keeping it hidden. In the mean time I will continue to monitor the breakage issue. BSL…I’m coming for you!


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