Relaxer Touch-up Results (Pics)

I took out my rollers this morning after a very uncomfortable nights rest. I absolutely loved the results despite the fact that I failed to pull my roots tight enough to keep them from crinkling. Practice makes perfect! The curls were so bouncy, soft and shiny. I think I have found my staple products for roller setting.

I know I committed to hiding my hair for the month but I am really leaning toward less manipulation and I want to avoid combing & brushing (which all of my buns require). My hair is pin-curled right now and I think I will wear it curly for the rest of the week using only my fingers to style and re-curl it at night.

I followed a similar method during my transition drastically reducing the amount of times I combed my hair to 1x a week. I noticed an improvement in overall health, my ends, and thickness of my hair. This is why I am so terrible with challenges lol. I’m constantly changing my mind if my hair doesn’t respond the way I want it to.I’m seeing far more hair in the sink than I’d like to every time I bun and especially when I take it down. That tells me something needs to change and one of those things is how often I manipulate my hair.

Listening to your hair is a very important part of your hair journey. Have you been listening to yours lately?

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