Relaxer Touch-up

Today I did my first DIY touch-up. In the past I have only had my sister do it or I’ve gone to salons. I still have a lot to learn (and re-learn) about relaxing; after being natural for 8 years I have forgotten a lot and have been misinformed on many things. Here was my process and the products I used:

  1. The night before I based my scalp with unpetroleum jelly (I purchased this a long time ago when my sonwas an infant and didn’t use much of it…perhaps I should check the expiration date 😋).
  2. I also oiled the length of my hair very generously with EVOO to protect my previously relaxed strands.
  3. I detangled and sectioned my hair into 2 sections (front & back) so that I would have enough time to properly relax each section.
  4. Immediately prior to applying the relaxer I coated my hair with Tresemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture Conditioner to protect from over processing (next time I will try using Sally’s GVP Silk Remedy).
  5. Relaxer time! I used Hawaiian Silky No-Base Lye formula in Mild strength.
  6. Working on the front first I applied relaxer to my roots using my (gloved) hands. This process didn’t take long and I spent most of my time just smoothing with my fingers.
  7. I rinsed and applied the neutralizing shampoo and let it sit for about 5 min before rinsing and applying again working it into a lather and making sure the relaxer was thoroughly removed from my hair and scalp.
  8. Then I worked on the back section following the same steps I used for the front.
  9. After my hair was clean I shampooed again with Ion Hard Water shampoo – my hair felt strange and a bit weighed down using this made it feel better.
  10. I deep conditioned with Biotera’s Long & Healthy Deep Moisturizing Conditioner. This is a light protein conditioner with moisturizing agents that gave my hair much needed strength and moisture after the chemical process.
  11. After rinsing the deep conditioner using the Cool & Seal method with Pantene Nature Fusion Moisture Balance (very disappointed with this product) I applied Biotera’s Long & Healthy Triple Action Leave In Treatment and sealed with Argan Oil.
  12. I roller set my hair using Lotta Body Olive Oil formula and Sally’s GVP Smoothing Serum.
  13. Air dried…my dryer is broken 😕

I will be posting pics of the results soon, I’m still waiting for my hair to dry.


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