Hurricane Update

Hurricane Sandy has come & gone. I hear a lot of people have had a lot of damage done to their homes and other property. I hope all fairs well for those in need. As for me:
• I have no power but a friend has been charging all of my electronic devices for me 😎
• My job has been closed for 2 days and made the announcement today that they will be closed for an additional 2 days
• A huge tree just missed my home and landed in the driveway instead.
• Oh and that big tree is also blocking the garage so I can’t pull my car out 😕

Panoramic view of the monstrous tree

• Cell phone reception sucks, sometimes I have a signal and sometimes I don’t

It could be worse and I am thankful. My heart and prayers go out to all those greatly affected by the storm.

On a lighter note, it’s far too cold in my house to wash my hair good thing is I really don’t need to. It seems to be holding up well in the same bun I’ve been rocking since Sunday. I have been taking it down to m&s before bed and rolling my pony into a loose bun.

Last night however, I couldn’t find my scarf in the dark (lol) so I just grabbed a plastic cap, m&s with Cantu and EVOO and threw the cap on the back of my head. It’s so cold I really didn’t expect to sweat much under there but when I woke up this morning my hair was damp. I applied a little more EVOO and bunned – everything seems to have turned out fine. My hair was nice and soft an felt moisturized. I’m looking forward to doing a deep condition with heat soon though!


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