My HAIRstory

Currently I am texlaxed with most of my texture still intact. In fact when my hair is curly you really cannot tell the difference.


Freshly washed, texlaxed hair (no product)

Wash & Go … used Herbal Essences conditioner to define curls








For 8 years I was completely natural. I loved my natural texture and still do but I reached a point where, not only did I want something different, I needed to find something that was more convenient for me to manage during the week.

My naturals curls were much tighter and I would often find myself frustrated from not having enough time to detangle and style. Two-strand twists were my go-to style for a long time but I no longer had 8-10 hours to sit and complete them. I also missed being able to rollerset my hair like I did when I was relaxed. Not that I wasn’t able to do so when natural, it was just more difficult and I never got the results I wanted.

I was having an ongoing battle with split ends, single strand knots and annoying amounts of frizz that killed my styles. Not to mention a dreaded mullet. The hair in the back grew faster than that on the sides and front of my head. So I chopped to SL, texlaxed and started a whole new journey.

My length before the chop:


My goal is to reach MBL, anything longer is welcome but I won’t make it my focus. As I mentioned in my previous post I am hiding my ends ideally until the end of winter, but i will take it one month at a time. I also plan to avoid using direct heat, except when I need to touch up my roots after a wet set. Since it’s getting colder I am even considering using a wig as a protective style in addition to buns and rollersets. I really want a new set of extra wide & long curlformers (fuchsia & neon yellow), I already own the long & wide (orange & pink) set.


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